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Picot Productions - Pic's Crunchy Peanut Butter, 2.2 Pounds

Brand: Pic's Peanut Butter

Publisher: Picot Productions

Details: Aussie's legendary kingaroy nuts, fresh roasted and lovingly squashed in sunny Nelson, NZ. Our crunchy is a mouth filling textural adventure, thousands of peanut pieces, from the size of the finest grains of sand to bits as big as a grain of rice. It will give your tonsils a playful tickle on the way down, making it as essential an early morning pick me up as a cup of coffee. This hulking one Kilogram jar (2.2 pounds or 35.2 oz to you imperialists), was built to travel. You may need to give your Pic's a really good mixing before you eat it. If it's been jiggled around en route, the oil in your peanut butter can rise to the surface while the solids dive for the bottom. So get a stout knife and mix mix mix it up. If you eat the oily stuff off the top, then get to the bottom of the jar and find it dry, you will only have yourself to blame. A handy trick once you've done your mixing is to store your jar upside down, which confuses the oil so it doesn't know which way is up. What makes Pic's so good? In 2007, when I was looking to buy peanuts by the sack, I came across Premium Nut Brokers. We struck a deal and Greg sent us a couple of 25 kilo bags of blanched Australian peanuts. At the time we thought a peanut was just a peanut and our clever roasting was what made the difference, but we soon discovered otherwise.  As we learned more about peanuts, we found that our Australian nuts were a hi oleic variety, which had some pretty special characteristics, beyond being, as the name suggests, a bit oilier than ordinary nuts It's this oil that makes the peanuts stay fresher for longer. Combined with a just out-of-the-oven roast Pic's Peanut Butter is the freshest flavoured Peanut Butter ever. It also provides all the healthy heart oils and gives this Crunchy a crunchier crunch. Pic's Peanut Butter is peanut butter worth eating.

EAN: 9421901881054

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