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Here at Snazzy Gourmet we are huge fans of CurrySimple's Thai Red Curry Sauce. The combination of their red curry paste, coconut milk, fish sauce and spices all in one package will keep your taste buds amazing throughout your meal. The combination of sweet, salty and a little spicy is exactly what makes this curry so good. Our customers agree as they rave about it in the customer reviews section. The idea behind CurrySimple was to make an authentic Thai curry sauce that tastes just like a local Thai restaurant. There are no shortcuts taken in the production of the sauce. It is made in Thailand with fresh, all-natural ingredients and packed using a retort pouch that does not require preservatives. Most meals are as easy as stir-frying your protein and vegetables then adding the curry sauce.

CurrySimple Red Curry Reviews

If you are looking for more exact instructions, CurrySimple offers a selection of red curry recipes that will get you started. One great thing about making your own Thai food at home is that you can get creative and serve it with different items. For instance we think the red curry is great with wheat linguine and seafood. This is not a dish you will commonly find at a Thai restaurant. It is fun to experiment with different recipes both authentic and Asian fusion style.

Below is a quick Introduction to Red Curry Sauce video by CurrySimple.

So what makes the Red Curry Sauce so popular? We think it is because of the medium level of spice that most families can handle while still enjoying it. The green curry is delicious but would be torture for someone that does not like spicy food. The red curry flavor is also very similar to a panang curry. CurrySimple suggests just adding a little peanut butter to the stir-fry to recreate that amazing taste. Red curry is great will about all proteins including chicken, seafood, tofu and beef. You can combine about any combination of vegetables for a winning meal. Don't forget the basil! It is probably the best ingredient to accompany the sauce. We recommend serving white rice, brown rice or noodles on the side.

Thai Red Curry SauceThe Red Curry Sauce from CurrySimple has been their #1 bestseller since 2006. It has received praise by the media including TV, Magazines and Newspapers. The combination of red curry paste, coconut milk, lemongrass and other Thai herbs and spices have made thousands of dinners across the US for over six years now. If you are looking for the absolute best way to cook red curry at home we suggest you try the Red Curry Sauce by CurrySimple. We assure you that you will be a fan after your first lunch or dinner. Cooking Thai food at home just like your local Thai restaurant is now easy!

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