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WIN a free bottle of Fox Bros. Spicy BBQ Sauce

September 20, 2017

Hello SnazzyG fans! We're in the market for the best bang-for-your-buck AIR FRYER and would love your input.

Enter the giveaway and tell us your favorites in the comments below. One lucky winner will be randomly selected and will receive a bottle of Fox Bros. Spicy BBQ Sauce ($6.79 value + FREE shipping). This giveaway is limited to the first 50 entries or will end on 9/27, whichever occurs first. No purchase necessary.

We will then follow up this post with a recap of the top products reviewed and what we ultimately decided to purchase.

Thanks for your help and good luck!

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September 23, 2017

My go to recommendation for a airfryer is Go Wise. I have one and have given them out as gifts. Everyone raves about them. One they get everything crisp and to perfection. Second they are very affordable and do not take up much space. A huge plus in my studio apt.

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