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Rize Energy Drink Citrus Mango 8.4 oz

RIZE beverage was created, like most great products, out of necessity. Physician-triathlete, Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks, wanted to create the best athletic performance fuel. But at the same time, he didn't want to create another typical energy drink loaded with sugar, caffeine and carbonated water. RIZE is the first energy drink to use the natural ingredient trehalose, which releases twice the energy of normal sugar to give a sustained energetic surge while having almost no effect on the body's blood sugar level. Another unique ingredient you won't find in other energy drinks is Huperzein A, which has been shown to be more beneficial for cognitive function and memory than most commonly-used, FDA-approved drugs. Cumulatively, the twenty ingredients in RIZE enhance the production and utilization of energy at the cellular level, resulting in an all-natural beverage that provides focused, sustained mental and physical energy.

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Category: RIZE Energy Drink

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