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Pure Organic Young King Coconut Water, 10.1 fl. oz Glass Bottles (Case of 12)


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“Eliya", is a premium organic KING coconut water hand harvested and bottled the same day in Sri Lanka. The king coconut was designed by nature specifically for drinking, making its water more nutritious and delicious. Full of natural vitality and packed with electrolytes, the King Coconut is indigenous to the tropical island of Sri Lanka, where it is traditionally enjoyed by locals over and above the ubiquitous regular green coconut for its exquisite taste and health benefits. This special golden nut is aptly named ‘King’ for its richer taste, higher content of nutrients and natural sterility, a wholesome gift from mother earth. 

  • THE GOLDEN NUT OF LIFE - The king coconut is a special golden nut that is indigenous to Sri Lanka and naturally contains 2x the electrolytes with 35% less sugar when compared to the standard green coconut.
  • NATURAL HYDRATION - excellent source of natural hydration packed with five essential electrolytes.
  • PACKED WITH POWER - more potassium than a banana and two cups of raw spinach worth of magnesium.
  • BOTTLED WITH LOVE - 100% juice, never from concentrate, certified USDA organic, Hand Harvested, and packaged in a PLASTIC FREE glass bottle.
  • FAT FREE, GLUTEN FREE, NON-GMO - Single country origin, bottled same day as harvested.

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