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Zwita Mild Zucchini + Potato Shakshuka, 12 oz

Shakshuka is a traditional, stew-like vegetable loaded dish with poached eggs typical of Tunisian cooking.

Zwita's zucchini + potato shakshuka base is not a watery tomato sauce. It's a hearty dish bursting with flavor, complex aromatics, and melt in your mouth veggies. This version is not spicy at all and has a deep level of caramelization complemented by a nice undertone of smokiness from their very own traditional harissa paste. Simply pour into a pan, crack some eggs, and let the fire do the magic for you! 


Ingredients: Tomatoes, Onions, Potatoes, Zucchini, Anaheim Peppers, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White Wine Vinegar (in minimal quantity for food safety), Tomato Paste, Water, Zwïta Smoky Harissa Paste, Salt, Smoked Paprika

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