Terre Exotique

Terre Exotique 10 year-old Modena Balsamic Vinegar 250 ml (8.8 fl oz)

Balsamic Vinegar Aged 10 Years (Italy) by Terre Exotique.Drizzle this syrupy sweet balsamic vinegar over your salads, vanilla ice cream and onion compote for an authentic Italian experience.

Terre Exotique’s balsamic vinegar complies with all stages of the traditional Italian expertise, except the stage when the vinegar is left to age further in smaller, fine wood casks, as this stage is reserved for the finest grade Modena vinegars. Thus offering excellent value for money, for a delectably divine treasure to use generously in all your daily dishes. Its strong rich flavour and thick smooth texture will enchant all your recipes. Don't be fooled by imitation balsamics!

cooked grape must, wine vinegar, sulphites

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